EXPLODE Your Sales With A Professional Explainer Video!

How the £50 package works:
  • You place an order using the button below.
  • ​You send us 3-4 lines of text ("the script") you want to include in your video.
  • ​We apply your texts to animated video scenes within our library and create a 30 second video - like the one on the right.
  • We'll send you a storyboard to approve - showing stills of each scene.
  • ​Once approved, we'll add a soundtrack and send you our video as an ​HD720 MP4 File (perfect for web & social media).
  • ​Money back guarantee - We'll refund you if you don't like the storyboard.
"Superb very effective video created within 24 hrs and all for £50! 🤷‍♂️No brainier really." 
Anthony Cutrera - Business Hub.Cloud 
Real customer examples - £50 "I have my script ready" package
Telecoms Company
Spotted App
Zero Carbon Project
ZCP Referral Programme
Real customer examples - £65 "I need a bit of help" package
HBVA Virtual Assistant
ZCP-Beond Collaboration
Design Hero
EcoStart Fund
Real customer examples - £80 "I prefer real footage" package
Bespoke Connected
Real Pie Co.
Beer & Blockchain Club
Laari Travel
Red Quokka Crypto
Pic2Perfect Art
Real customer examples - £200 "Full Works" package
VK Fitness
The Book Doctor
Snug Roofs
Acorn Glazing
"Superb very effective video created within 24 hrs and all for £50! 🤷‍♂️No brainier really."
Here's the video we made for them...
These offers are only available to our first 100 customers - what are you waiting for?
The "I have my script ready" Package
 Up to 30 secs promo video
 You send us the script
 We create the storyboard
 We supply the music
The "I need a bit of help" package
 Up to 30 secs promo video
 We'll write the script for you
 We create the storyboard
 We supply the music
The "I prefer real footage" package
 Up to 45 seconds promo video
 Using real video & photos from our library of clips (or supplied by you) to give your video that bespoke 'professional' touch 
 We create the script
 We create the storyboard
 We supply the music

The "Full works" package
 Up to 1 minute video 
 Choose from animated or real footage
 Include your own photos
 Styled to suit your brand
 Music and voiceover/subtitles supplied by us
 We write the script & storyboard for you
The "I need something a bit longer" package
 Up to 90 seconds promo video
 Choose from animated or real footage
 Include your own photos
 We create the script
 We create the storyboard
 We supply the music
 Voiceover and/or Subtitles
Premium logo Reveal
 The perfect finishing touch 
 Add to your current videos
 Use across your social media
 Styled to suit your brand
 With or without music
 Ready within 2 business days
10 video mega-saver 
 Just £40 per video for 10 videos (prepaid)
 Choose from animated or real footage
 Include your own photos
 You write the script
 We create the storyboard
 We supply the music
 Up to 30 seconds per video
20 video mega-saver
 Just £35 per video for 20 videos (prepaid)
 Choose from animated or real footage
 Include your own photos
 You write the script
 We create the storyboard
 We supply the music
 Up to 30 seconds per video
We make it our mission to ensure our customers are 100% happy with their videos. And you don't even need to take our word for it, they'll tell you themselves.... 
Shai Shemesh, Shemesh Automation
Verified Purchase
"MyBizVids has produced more than 10 videos for us over the last 3 years and each time we've been delighted with the speed and attention to detail in their work.

Given the low prices and excellent service, you'll struggle to find a better deal anywhere else".
Florian Kruger, Craft Coin Company
Verified Purchase
"The speed and quality of MyizVids work was really impressive. 

I'd certainly recommend them to anyone!"
Artyom Akopyan, CCO, EcoStart
Verified Purchase
"MyBizVids has made 5 videos for us to-date and we’ve been delighted with every single one.
They made the process really easy, and the finished products have been really impressive.
The videos have helped us explain really technical issues, in a simple way, to an entirely new audience- taking our marketing to a new level.
I wouldn’t hesitate to use MyBizVids for any video assignment”

We aim to make the process of creating your video as quick and easy as possible, so here's a few FAQs. If these don't answer your questions, you can always contact us directly via email at info@redquokka.com
How customized are your videos?
For most videos we utilise our library of 100's of characters, scenes and situations to create animations that feel bespoke to your business. 

If you wanted totally custom, bespoke animations - say you wanted to animate a particular person's face or a specific breed of dog, that can be done too - simply contact us using the details below and we'll be in touch to discuss a brief.
How long will my video take to create?
If you purchase the 'queue jump' option, you will receive your storyboard within 48 hours of us receiving your script. Once you've given us the thumbs up on that, you will receive your video within 1 working day. 

Otherwise, you will usually receive your storyboard within 5 working days and the final video withing 2 working days of giving your approval.
Can I have foreign language subtitles / voiceovers?
Of course. You can provide the translations yourself, or ask us to source them for an additional fee.
Why are your prices so low?
As a small business owner myself, I understand the need to get great content made quickly, reliably and at a reasonable cost. 

We want you to to enjoy working with us so much that you come back to MyBizVids for all of our other marketing services too.

So we've hired some amazing talent and streamlined our processes to get you the best prices on the market.
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